You spoke, we listened!

Introducing New Ballistic Series

Press Armor from ICEBIRG!


intro-to-press-armor final.jpg

After extensive in house research, and input from both our home users, and our commercial customers, we found that we could provide a massive level of wear protection, increased functionality, and damn solid aesthetic value with a simple inexpensive product. That Product is the Ballistic Series Press Armor.



Due to being a very heavy, perfectly flat surface, the top of our Presses can be prone to wear from extensive use or accidents. Our Press Armor protects the flat top of the Press, while not obscuring the Press design, or any personalized brands or inscriptions placed on the top of the Press.

BALLISTIC Press Armor - WEB.jpg


Due to shape, stippled texture, and just enough elasticity, our Press armor brings a whole new level of safety and control to grabbing a hold of your Press top. You will notice an immediate improvement in functionality when using commercially or under fast paced pressure!

BALLISTIC Press Armor II - WEB.jpg


We chose this specific material for it's toughness, elasticity, and thermal resistance. Thermal resistance means, when you heat your Press top-end up, you can now grab a hold of your armor for complete control and comfort. No more Press hot potato!