Redesigned Purus System


It is time for the team at ICEBIRG | Craft Ice Systems to finally announce our new and improved Purus system! Through hours and countless nights of redesigning, modeling, and prototyping our Purus, we have finally created a design that is not only lightweight, but 3x more compact than the previous design, allowing you to experience the ultimate benefits of using an ICEBIRG Press. With a blend of perfectly machined stainless steel and aluminum and a double-walled structure, the new Purus system creates elegantly clear ice in only a couple hours! The size has been reduced by up to 45% with a weight reduction of 42kg! YOU now have the capability of enjoying flawlessly crafted ice-balls while also partaking in everlasting American ingenuity.

A Toast to Dad...

With Father’s Day on the horizon, we toast to the men in our lives with the biggest job of all.

Here’s to the men who have led us through (sometimes carried us through) this crazy life. From bandaging our booboos to teaching us how to ride a bike. The men that told us what to say and what we shouldn’t ever repeat. To the guys that scolded us when we deserved it, but gave us the secret wink and grin when we didn’t. They may not have been the ones to drop us off at the party, but they were sure as hell there to take our drunk asses home. They talked us into things, and maybe more often – talked us out of things. They asked the difficult questions, and answered the more difficult ones, they wondered, they worried, they hoped, and trusted. They said no, they gave in, they didn’t give up. And here we are.

It’s not an easy job but we’re glad they do it. And while, we didn’t always appreciate the lessons, the words and the tough love, we get it. So let’s celebrate the men in our lives on father’s day – dads , dads-to-be and like-a-dads – Cheers to you!


Father's Day Specials 2017


Get a FREE Ballistic Flask

With any purchase over $500 until Father's Day!


Get 2 FREE SS Casts

With any purchase over $200 until Father's Day!



Say Hello to the PURUS PRO Clear Ice System by ICEBIRG

The only system to make crystal clear Ice in your existing freezer, sized to work with your Craft Ice Press now welcomes the commercial version to the family.

Nearly a year ago, we released the PURUS BETA PROJECT with an unparalleled response from the craft cocktail and spirit aficionado community. The goal was simple, a cost effective, at home solution that provides craft Ice lovers with the crystal clear Ice they coveted, without their Ice EVER touching flavor polluting plastics or silicone. Needless to say, the PURUS BETA was a huge hit, and has since grown up to become the PURUS ONE Clear Ice System. Building from that same technology, we have designed a system perfect for the needs of professional users and extreme home users alike. The PURUS PRO uses the same revolutionary technology with four times the Ice output per unit. Plus it is designed to be scaled and stacked for nearly unlimited ice slug potential making it perfect for use in any establishment.

Why Go PRO?
⦁    Four perfectly clear Ice slugs per cycle in any freezer
⦁    Scalable and stackable for maximum output
⦁    Improved insulation system for superior results faster
⦁    No contact with flavor polluting plastics and silicone EVER
⦁    Slugs perfectly shaped for optimal performance when pressed
⦁    Professional strength construction
⦁    Commercial discounts for large systems

The Particulars:
Slug size: 2.8” x 5-6”
Cycle time: 10-24hrs


PRE-ORDER PRICE: $399 (Single unit, bulk discounts available)

PURUS PRO Clear Ice System
from 499.00

The PURUS PRO has been discontinued for now, HOWEVER, please check out the PURUS1 as we are now shipping kits in 5x and 25x at the same value/discount the PURUS PRO offered!

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Introducing The MOD Craft Ice Press by ICEBIRG

The first fully modular Craft Ice Press designed for professional use

After years of research and development, we're finally releasing the pinacle of craft ice pressing technology. The ICEBIRG MOD integrates modular inserts, and the highest performing features, resulting in the fastest Press times, incredibly rapid reheating, and a nearly indestructible construction. All of this designed to be easy to use, even by a novice. From diamonds to golf balls, and of course spheres, we have you covered with a variety of interchangeable options! The MOD carries our insane pedigree of over engineering a few steps further, with a professional weight class of around 27 lbs, and the ability to quickly change press inserts for a variety of shapes and designs to optimize any cocktail’s delivery and experience. 

Competitive Advantages // ICEBIRG MOD | Craft Ice Press
⦁    Modular design
⦁    Lifetime warranty
⦁    Longest pressing runs and less reheating
⦁    Unparalleled Pressing performance & commercial durability
⦁    Best in class rapid reheating for demanding applications
⦁    Good looking and tough enough to stop a train!

Interchangeable Press Inserts Available Now:
2.5” ICEBIRG Ice Sphere
2” ICEBIRG Diamond

Interchangeable Press Inserts Coming Soon:
2.5” Soccer ball
2.5” Baseball
2.5” Golf ball
2” Cube
Quad 1” Sphere Mold (for Snifters & Martinis)
Many More!


PRE-ORDER PRICE: $1,299 (Includes Standard Sphere & Diamond Inserts)

The ICEBIRG MOD PRESS (Press & Inserts ONLY)

The ICEBIRG MOD Press is our modular Craft Ice Press that utilizes interchangeable molds to create a variety of craft ice shapes. From big balls to little balls and even diamonds, this monster of a press has unparalleled performance and commercial durability.


Package includes:

- MOD Press Body

- 2.5" Standard Sphere Insert

- 2" Ice Diamond  Insert



Many more mold options coming soon for purchase!

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Gifts For The Man Who Has Everything

Ice wife here. I’m speaking to the ladies now, so men: cover your ears. Seriously. Look away.

Okay. The holidays are coming up and here I am again searching Pinterest for “cool gift ideas for guys” and “gifts for the man who has everything”. Every year I find myself assuming the role of a top-secret detective investigating everything my husband shows interest in, spying on his friends’ recent purchases and researching the coolest new gadgets hoping he doesn’t find the next big thing before I have a chance to give it to him. I know I’m not alone in this struggle, I hear about so many other ladies in the same pickle – the man that has everything he needs and the gift ideas have run dry. Well I am here to tell you if you are new to Ice ball presses, it is a guaranteed win for your gift giving needs this year.

Now the last thing I’m trying to claim is that the Icebirg ice ball press is just for men. Ever since our kitchen counter was graced with our very first press, I quit cubed ice and never looked back. I think every lady with a taste for good spirits and an appreciation for the finer details should own one of these things but this post is about the guys in our life.

So you can quit scouring the top lists and gift guides because this is it! I’m really not trying to hard sell you but this is the perfect gift for the booze-loving man in your life. Great drinks come and go but the ability to top off the perfect concoction will live on. The iceberg ice ball press melts an ice block or cylinder into the perfect ice ball creating an immaculate solution for craft cocktails and straight pours. It’s a pride in your drink, it’s a conversation piece on your bar top and it’s the perfect gadget for a man that has everything.

Cheers! And happy holiday hunting!

Jamie Allsbury (Ice Wife)

PURUS 1st Look from Bruce Nielsen

I received the Purus system a couple of days ago. I unpacked it. My initial thought was that it looked cheaply made due to the 3d printed parts and It was a bit bigger than the homemade ice ball casts I have been using.

I couldn’t wait to try it. I washed it as per the instructions. (Like one needs to be told that).  Having had the best luck with Costco (Kirkland) bottled water in my homemade casts, I used it for the first one.

I filled the cylinder to about ½ inch from the top and inserted it into the base all the way. I froze it for about 12 hours. I took it out. It was barely frozen big enough for an ice ball. IT WAS TOTALLY CRYSTAL CLEAR. Wow. I was impressed.

The second one, I used cold tap water. I filled it to the same level, inserted it all the way. I let if freeze for about 22 hours. It froze about 80%. STILL CRYSTAL CLEAR.

The 3rd time, I filled the cylinder with cold tap water and only inserted it into the base about 2/3 of the way.  I let it freeze for about 14 hours. It froze to an ice ball size blank. And STILL CRYSTAL CLEAR.

The 4th time, I filled the cylinder with cold tap water, going through the aerator. (faucet on full). That would normally create a lot of bubbles in the ice. I inserted the cylinder about 2/3 of the way. I let it freeze for 25 hours. It still didn’t freeze completely. It froze about 80%. The bottom 1” was cloudy. I cut the ice cylinder in half. I almost had enough for 2 ice balls

This is a PERFECT means for CRYSTAL CLEAR ICE. I’m so impressed with it. I love it. Rating? 5 of 5 stars, 10 of 10 stars. You get the picture. I will recommend this to EVERYONE!



Our mantra at ICEBIRG is simple, always strive to provide the customer with the highest quality product possible. In keeping with this strategy, we recently came across some amazing data while developing the new ICEBIRG ELITE, and have decided to re-design our coating and its implementation in all of our Ice Ball Presses to best incorporate these findings.

Up until now, we have used an incredibly high quality form of anodizing, and we have dipped the entire Press, including the Ice mold/bowl in this anodizing. This is a great process, but it does slightly dampen the transmission of thermal energy from the aluminum to the Ice. This is because anodizing acts as a low level insulator on everything it’s applied to. Our new coating will only be applied to the outside of our V2 Presses, with the inside being perfectly polished pure aluminum for maximum thermal transmission. Our new coating will also be a stronger insulator, making the thermal discharge more directional with superior heat retention.

Our previous anodizing process is also extremely dangerous, and hard on the environment, due to the various acids and wastes used and created throughout the anodizing process. And while in the end our primary focus remains on the quality of our end product, it doesn’t hurt to be a little ecologically conscious where we can. Our new process is much more friendly to the environment..

Our V2 coating is based around a proprietary ceramic/metallic coating, that is truly superior from a durability standpoint, and will supply nearly endless options for custom orders and future color and design options. This coating is based on a design that was meant to survive in a military war zone, I don’t believe even the most demanding bar or man cave will be able to make this coating break a sweat!

One thing to note is that the best way to clean the V2 coating is simply dish soap and warm water. No situation should require a stronger cleaner than this, as the coating is essentially stain proof, and extremely scratch resistant. No acids and powerful abrasives should ever be necessary or recommended!

What if I want the V2 coating on my V1 Press?

In keeping with our modular ecosystem, we can strip and upgrade your V1 Press to the V2 coating, and re-laser any existing ICEBIRG Press for approximately $100 plus shipping and handling. Please contact our sales/support team for more information on this upgrade.




Introducing the ICEBIRG ELITE (Codename: “Copperhead”)

Every party needs a rockstar, our ELITE model is ICEBIRG’s resident rockstar.
The defining difference between our ELITE model and our PRO model is that the entire “top-end” on the ELITE is made of 99.9% PURE copper, and sports a totally different look, feel and finish, with a 30% lower profile design, and an expanded, more stylized hand grip. Laser inscribed on each top end is the ELITE’s limited edition status, as well as the individual serial number for each unit. The bottom half is made up by a black PRO lower and drip tray, tied together with a 99.9% PURE copper pressure release knob assembly.

Many of you may be wondering....WHY COPPER? Well, let me elaborate.
Copper in it’s purest form is not only absolutely stunning and classic in appearance, but it’s also three times denser, meaning three times heavier, than aluminum. Even more importantly, it has almost TWICE the thermal conductivity of aluminum. This makes copper the 2nd most conductive metal in normal use, 2nd only to pure silver. This means a device that has three times the downward force, due to weight, and twice the speed in transferring its heat to the Ice. This all means a hefty increase in Ice Ball Pressing performance. Did we mention that this thing also looks flat out badass? Other minor factors to keep in mind are that many people around the world believe having PURE copper come in contact with your water can lead to everything from weight loss to curing in short, copper is beyond rad.

Are there any downsides?
Well with any good thing, there is always a trade off. Price would be the first thing to consider, our ICEBIRG PRO is an insanely good value at $279, but the ELITE model will set you back $679 in total. This is primarily due to the incredibly expensive nature of the materials used, but also takes into account the extensive personal time required to make sure every ELITE that leaves our production line is 100% perfection. Also, keep in mind that copper requires a fair amount more maintenance and care, if you want a Press that you can beat the hell out of and leave bathing in it’s own discharge overnight, this is not the Press for you.

The bottom line?
If you want the flat out best performing Ice Ball Press on the market, with a truly innovative, unique, and purely “over-engineered” design, the ICEBIRG ELITE is your Press. If the price makes you a bit squeamish, keep in mind that two of our main competitors, Macallan and Cirrus, have best selling presses in the over $1k category, unfortunately for them, those Presses don’t even compete with our ELITE model, as even our PRO blows those Presses out of the water. If this Press is your Jam, I would HIGHLY recommend getting your order in now, it is no small feat to procure the materials and build these Presses, so stock, especially out of the gate, is going to be a bit light, and between you and me, we have a few in stock right now.




What kind of Ice goes in an Ice Ball Press?

This is a question we get all the time from new users, and the bottom line is the options truly are endless once you understand the basics.

The two most common options to start out are:

  1. 10-12oz Ice Casts. These are made using almost any standard 10-12oz cup. For best flavor results avoid using plastic. Heavy duty paper cups seem to be the most flavor neutral, disposable option. However you may need to rinse the Ice before pressing to rid it of any paper residue, this is truly only for aesthetic reasons, as any paper residue would be formed away from your final Ice Sphere during the Pressing process.
  2. Ice Blocks. These blocks will likely need to be cut down to the right size to fit your Press. Many ice connoisseurs prefer to press ice blocks instead of Ice Cast cylinders as it is often easier to make perfectly clear ice blocks at home. My preferred method is to prepare 3”x3”x3” Ice Blocks, then trim about ⅛ of an inch off of two of the opposing corners. You will then load the Ice Block into the press with the pointed corners facing up and down, and the flat corners facing your guide rods.

Once you have the basics down, it is incredible the creative options you have at your fingertips. From fruit and flavors, to glow in the dark spheres and suspended engagement rings, the possibilities to customize your perfect Ice Balls are endless.



Valentines Day Unveils a New Custom Press at Rick’s Press Room!

So as I’m sure most of you can attest, when you choose to not only work on Valentine’s Day, but also opt to ask your significant other to help out, you generally get yourself into big trouble. But not last night, any chance the Wife and I get to enjoy Rick’s exquisite cooking, paired with Julie and Abby’s hospitality, we take it. There is simply no better place to get insanely good food, at such a reasonable rate, anywhere in Meridian. Just ask Guy Fieri of the Food Network’s Diners, Drive-ins, and Dives, he has given the Press Room an overwhelming endorsement, and his personal seal of approval! But for me, the best part of last night was Rick debuted his new ICEBIRG CUSTOM Double Ice Ball Press. Capable of knocking out two perfect Ice Balls at once, all while looking ultra-cool, Rick’s Custom Press is something to behold. Not to mention how truly at home our Press is in an establishment so aptly named the “Press” Room. Rick’s Press Room is the first restaurant or bar in the Treasure Valley to have one of our Custom Presses ready and rocking, and from what I hear Rick has big plans for our Press. He will be pairing our Ice Ball technology with his unrivaled culinary skills, to bring some truly unique cocktails to the Treasure Valley.  Please swing through and grab dinner and a perfectly crafted beverage of your choice, I can say without reservation, you will not regret it!

On a totally separate note, Rick served truly the best filet I have ever had last night. It was buttery on the inside, crispy on the outside, and drizzled with a traditional hollandaise that managed to bring all the right flavors out. From the drinks, to the appetizers, to the entrée, I can absolutely give Rick’s meal last night a 10/10, and I am one picky eater. Stop in some time and see for yourself!


Why Freezer Ice Ball Molds Suck!

Over the past decades, many attempts have been made to cure the quandary of cooling spirits and craft cocktails adequately. From various shapes and sizes of ice, to rocks and stones, everything has been attempted. In the end everyone can pretty much agree on three things, it needs to be ice, it needs to be round, and it needs to be as big as possible. Shape and size have to do with two things, volume and density. To put it simply, the bigger the sphere, the slower it melts, and the more volume it takes up in your glass, the more liquid is actively cooling via energy transfer instead of water transfer. The problem with huge balls however, is that anything over 2.5” does not easily fit into commonly available whiskey or cocktail glasses. This makes the 2.5” size Ice Ball ideal.

Enter the Mold
The most common solution to the spherical Ice ball quandary is the plastic or silicone freezer mold. These are widely available on the internet and in big box retailers. These products have sold in great numbers, with many users initially very happy with their purchase, but over time these molds find themselves relegated to the trash can, or at best the junk drawer. What is it about Ice ball molds that leave people underwhelmed? Well, it all comes down to the science of how ice freezes. When you freeze ice directly into a shape like a sphere, the ice forms in a very inefficient manner. This creates a porous, ugly and often poorly flavored Ice ball that melts and cracks just as rapidly as your standard fractionated ice or cube. Another unfortunate side effect of using plastics or silicone for a process like this is these molds are very porous. This means that when the molds are new, the silicone or plastic will just contain the flavors associated with plastics, which aren’t that great to begin with, but once these molds sit in your freezer for a while, they begin to taste like everything else in your freezer. These flavors are then passed on to your Ice Balls, resulting in scotch and craft cocktails that taste like freezer burn and frozen green beans.

This is obviously a very big problem. Short answer if you want optimal Ice for your whiskey, scotch or craft cocktail, pick up an ICEBIRG Ice Ball Press. The cost over time will be much less, and the quality of your Ice Balls will be beyond perfect.


Andrew Allsbury Joins ICEBIRG as Partner & CEO

Today we are excited to announce that Andrew Allsbury has joined our Team as not only a corporate partner, but as the Chief Executive Officer of ICEBIRG. Andrew is a founding partner and active officer of Idaho based Pro Power Clean, a cutting edge commercial building maintenance company that employs nearly 100 people in the Boise area, as well as the founder and Creative Director of the renowned CreativeWave commercial video production house, the first all 4K, all RED, production house in Idaho. A serial entrepreneur with 15+ years of industry experience in start-up execution and advertising domination, we have no doubt that Andrew will be an invaluable leader in our campaign to not only democratize the industry of Ice Sphere generation, but drive this technology to places we and our whiskey glasses have never dreamed possible.




Starting the Revolution…

What is an Ice Ball Press? In short, it’s the only high quality way to easily make a large Ice Ball for your whiskey, scotch or craft cocktail.

What about those cheap freezer molds you ask? Well, ice ball freezer molds produce crappy ice balls. They make ice balls with poor density and even worse flavor. DO NOT TRUST A FREEZER MOLD WITH YOUR QUALITY SPIRITS!

An Ice Ball Press works using gravity, ambient temperature and weight to press a perfect Ice Ball out of an easily frozen block of Ice, and it looks damn cool while doing it!

The “revolution” we speak of? Well Ice Ball Presses are amazingly cool, but up until now any Press worth a damn would cost you upwards of $500 and more than likely above $1000 for a premium Press. Our ICEBIRG Ice Ball Presses are all premium quality, and start at the ridiculously affordable price of $179.

The best part? Our Presses were designed utilizing a combination of engineers and spirit aficionados working together to fix all of the common problems found in other modern presses.

In short? Lighter, faster and better looking, at a MUCH better price.

To top it all off, all of our presses are made here in the USA and carry a lifetime guarantee.

Stay tuned, our Presses will be available for purchase soon.