Gifts For The Man Who Has Everything

Ice wife here. I’m speaking to the ladies now, so men: cover your ears. Seriously. Look away.

Okay. The holidays are coming up and here I am again searching Pinterest for “cool gift ideas for guys” and “gifts for the man who has everything”. Every year I find myself assuming the role of a top-secret detective investigating everything my husband shows interest in, spying on his friends’ recent purchases and researching the coolest new gadgets hoping he doesn’t find the next big thing before I have a chance to give it to him. I know I’m not alone in this struggle, I hear about so many other ladies in the same pickle – the man that has everything he needs and the gift ideas have run dry. Well I am here to tell you if you are new to Ice ball presses, it is a guaranteed win for your gift giving needs this year.

Now the last thing I’m trying to claim is that the Icebirg ice ball press is just for men. Ever since our kitchen counter was graced with our very first press, I quit cubed ice and never looked back. I think every lady with a taste for good spirits and an appreciation for the finer details should own one of these things but this post is about the guys in our life.

So you can quit scouring the top lists and gift guides because this is it! I’m really not trying to hard sell you but this is the perfect gift for the booze-loving man in your life. Great drinks come and go but the ability to top off the perfect concoction will live on. The iceberg ice ball press melts an ice block or cylinder into the perfect ice ball creating an immaculate solution for craft cocktails and straight pours. It’s a pride in your drink, it’s a conversation piece on your bar top and it’s the perfect gadget for a man that has everything.

Cheers! And happy holiday hunting!

Jamie Allsbury (Ice Wife)