Valentines Day Unveils a New Custom Press at Rick’s Press Room!

So as I’m sure most of you can attest, when you choose to not only work on Valentine’s Day, but also opt to ask your significant other to help out, you generally get yourself into big trouble. But not last night, any chance the Wife and I get to enjoy Rick’s exquisite cooking, paired with Julie and Abby’s hospitality, we take it. There is simply no better place to get insanely good food, at such a reasonable rate, anywhere in Meridian. Just ask Guy Fieri of the Food Network’s Diners, Drive-ins, and Dives, he has given the Press Room an overwhelming endorsement, and his personal seal of approval! But for me, the best part of last night was Rick debuted his new ICEBIRG CUSTOM Double Ice Ball Press. Capable of knocking out two perfect Ice Balls at once, all while looking ultra-cool, Rick’s Custom Press is something to behold. Not to mention how truly at home our Press is in an establishment so aptly named the “Press” Room. Rick’s Press Room is the first restaurant or bar in the Treasure Valley to have one of our Custom Presses ready and rocking, and from what I hear Rick has big plans for our Press. He will be pairing our Ice Ball technology with his unrivaled culinary skills, to bring some truly unique cocktails to the Treasure Valley.  Please swing through and grab dinner and a perfectly crafted beverage of your choice, I can say without reservation, you will not regret it!

On a totally separate note, Rick served truly the best filet I have ever had last night. It was buttery on the inside, crispy on the outside, and drizzled with a traditional hollandaise that managed to bring all the right flavors out. From the drinks, to the appetizers, to the entrée, I can absolutely give Rick’s meal last night a 10/10, and I am one picky eater. Stop in some time and see for yourself!