What kind of Ice goes in an Ice Ball Press?

This is a question we get all the time from new users, and the bottom line is the options truly are endless once you understand the basics.

The two most common options to start out are:

  1. 10-12oz Ice Casts. These are made using almost any standard 10-12oz cup. For best flavor results avoid using plastic. Heavy duty paper cups seem to be the most flavor neutral, disposable option. However you may need to rinse the Ice before pressing to rid it of any paper residue, this is truly only for aesthetic reasons, as any paper residue would be formed away from your final Ice Sphere during the Pressing process.
  2. Ice Blocks. These blocks will likely need to be cut down to the right size to fit your Press. Many ice connoisseurs prefer to press ice blocks instead of Ice Cast cylinders as it is often easier to make perfectly clear ice blocks at home. My preferred method is to prepare 3”x3”x3” Ice Blocks, then trim about ⅛ of an inch off of two of the opposing corners. You will then load the Ice Block into the press with the pointed corners facing up and down, and the flat corners facing your guide rods.

Once you have the basics down, it is incredible the creative options you have at your fingertips. From fruit and flavors, to glow in the dark spheres and suspended engagement rings, the possibilities to customize your perfect Ice Balls are endless.