Starting the Revolution…

What is an Ice Ball Press? In short, it’s the only high quality way to easily make a large Ice Ball for your whiskey, scotch or craft cocktail.

What about those cheap freezer molds you ask? Well, ice ball freezer molds produce crappy ice balls. They make ice balls with poor density and even worse flavor. DO NOT TRUST A FREEZER MOLD WITH YOUR QUALITY SPIRITS!

An Ice Ball Press works using gravity, ambient temperature and weight to press a perfect Ice Ball out of an easily frozen block of Ice, and it looks damn cool while doing it!

The “revolution” we speak of? Well Ice Ball Presses are amazingly cool, but up until now any Press worth a damn would cost you upwards of $500 and more than likely above $1000 for a premium Press. Our ICEBIRG Ice Ball Presses are all premium quality, and start at the ridiculously affordable price of $179.

The best part? Our Presses were designed utilizing a combination of engineers and spirit aficionados working together to fix all of the common problems found in other modern presses.

In short? Lighter, faster and better looking, at a MUCH better price.

To top it all off, all of our presses are made here in the USA and carry a lifetime guarantee.

Stay tuned, our Presses will be available for purchase soon.