Our mantra at ICEBIRG is simple, always strive to provide the customer with the highest quality product possible. In keeping with this strategy, we recently came across some amazing data while developing the new ICEBIRG ELITE, and have decided to re-design our coating and its implementation in all of our Ice Ball Presses to best incorporate these findings.

Up until now, we have used an incredibly high quality form of anodizing, and we have dipped the entire Press, including the Ice mold/bowl in this anodizing. This is a great process, but it does slightly dampen the transmission of thermal energy from the aluminum to the Ice. This is because anodizing acts as a low level insulator on everything it’s applied to. Our new coating will only be applied to the outside of our V2 Presses, with the inside being perfectly polished pure aluminum for maximum thermal transmission. Our new coating will also be a stronger insulator, making the thermal discharge more directional with superior heat retention.

Our previous anodizing process is also extremely dangerous, and hard on the environment, due to the various acids and wastes used and created throughout the anodizing process. And while in the end our primary focus remains on the quality of our end product, it doesn’t hurt to be a little ecologically conscious where we can. Our new process is much more friendly to the environment..

Our V2 coating is based around a proprietary ceramic/metallic coating, that is truly superior from a durability standpoint, and will supply nearly endless options for custom orders and future color and design options. This coating is based on a design that was meant to survive in a military war zone, I don’t believe even the most demanding bar or man cave will be able to make this coating break a sweat!

One thing to note is that the best way to clean the V2 coating is simply dish soap and warm water. No situation should require a stronger cleaner than this, as the coating is essentially stain proof, and extremely scratch resistant. No acids and powerful abrasives should ever be necessary or recommended!

What if I want the V2 coating on my V1 Press?

In keeping with our modular ecosystem, we can strip and upgrade your V1 Press to the V2 coating, and re-laser any existing ICEBIRG Press for approximately $100 plus shipping and handling. Please contact our sales/support team for more information on this upgrade.