Introducing the ICEBIRG ELITE (Codename: “Copperhead”)

Every party needs a rockstar, our ELITE model is ICEBIRG’s resident rockstar.
The defining difference between our ELITE model and our PRO model is that the entire “top-end” on the ELITE is made of 99.9% PURE copper, and sports a totally different look, feel and finish, with a 30% lower profile design, and an expanded, more stylized hand grip. Laser inscribed on each top end is the ELITE’s limited edition status, as well as the individual serial number for each unit. The bottom half is made up by a black PRO lower and drip tray, tied together with a 99.9% PURE copper pressure release knob assembly.

Many of you may be wondering....WHY COPPER? Well, let me elaborate.
Copper in it’s purest form is not only absolutely stunning and classic in appearance, but it’s also three times denser, meaning three times heavier, than aluminum. Even more importantly, it has almost TWICE the thermal conductivity of aluminum. This makes copper the 2nd most conductive metal in normal use, 2nd only to pure silver. This means a device that has three times the downward force, due to weight, and twice the speed in transferring its heat to the Ice. This all means a hefty increase in Ice Ball Pressing performance. Did we mention that this thing also looks flat out badass? Other minor factors to keep in mind are that many people around the world believe having PURE copper come in contact with your water can lead to everything from weight loss to curing in short, copper is beyond rad.

Are there any downsides?
Well with any good thing, there is always a trade off. Price would be the first thing to consider, our ICEBIRG PRO is an insanely good value at $279, but the ELITE model will set you back $679 in total. This is primarily due to the incredibly expensive nature of the materials used, but also takes into account the extensive personal time required to make sure every ELITE that leaves our production line is 100% perfection. Also, keep in mind that copper requires a fair amount more maintenance and care, if you want a Press that you can beat the hell out of and leave bathing in it’s own discharge overnight, this is not the Press for you.

The bottom line?
If you want the flat out best performing Ice Ball Press on the market, with a truly innovative, unique, and purely “over-engineered” design, the ICEBIRG ELITE is your Press. If the price makes you a bit squeamish, keep in mind that two of our main competitors, Macallan and Cirrus, have best selling presses in the over $1k category, unfortunately for them, those Presses don’t even compete with our ELITE model, as even our PRO blows those Presses out of the water. If this Press is your Jam, I would HIGHLY recommend getting your order in now, it is no small feat to procure the materials and build these Presses, so stock, especially out of the gate, is going to be a bit light, and between you and me, we have a few in stock right now.