PURUS 1st Look from Bruce Nielsen

I received the Purus system a couple of days ago. I unpacked it. My initial thought was that it looked cheaply made due to the 3d printed parts and It was a bit bigger than the homemade ice ball casts I have been using.

I couldn’t wait to try it. I washed it as per the instructions. (Like one needs to be told that).  Having had the best luck with Costco (Kirkland) bottled water in my homemade casts, I used it for the first one.

I filled the cylinder to about ½ inch from the top and inserted it into the base all the way. I froze it for about 12 hours. I took it out. It was barely frozen big enough for an ice ball. IT WAS TOTALLY CRYSTAL CLEAR. Wow. I was impressed.

The second one, I used cold tap water. I filled it to the same level, inserted it all the way. I let if freeze for about 22 hours. It froze about 80%. STILL CRYSTAL CLEAR.

The 3rd time, I filled the cylinder with cold tap water and only inserted it into the base about 2/3 of the way.  I let it freeze for about 14 hours. It froze to an ice ball size blank. And STILL CRYSTAL CLEAR.

The 4th time, I filled the cylinder with cold tap water, going through the aerator. (faucet on full). That would normally create a lot of bubbles in the ice. I inserted the cylinder about 2/3 of the way. I let it freeze for 25 hours. It still didn’t freeze completely. It froze about 80%. The bottom 1” was cloudy. I cut the ice cylinder in half. I almost had enough for 2 ice balls

This is a PERFECT means for CRYSTAL CLEAR ICE. I’m so impressed with it. I love it. Rating? 5 of 5 stars, 10 of 10 stars. You get the picture. I will recommend this to EVERYONE!