Introducing The MOD Craft Ice Press by ICEBIRG

The first fully modular Craft Ice Press designed for professional use

After years of research and development, we're finally releasing the pinacle of craft ice pressing technology. The ICEBIRG MOD integrates modular inserts, and the highest performing features, resulting in the fastest Press times, incredibly rapid reheating, and a nearly indestructible construction. All of this designed to be easy to use, even by a novice. From diamonds to golf balls, and of course spheres, we have you covered with a variety of interchangeable options! The MOD carries our insane pedigree of over engineering a few steps further, with a professional weight class of around 27 lbs, and the ability to quickly change press inserts for a variety of shapes and designs to optimize any cocktail’s delivery and experience. 

Competitive Advantages // ICEBIRG MOD | Craft Ice Press
⦁    Modular design
⦁    Lifetime warranty
⦁    Longest pressing runs and less reheating
⦁    Unparalleled Pressing performance & commercial durability
⦁    Best in class rapid reheating for demanding applications
⦁    Good looking and tough enough to stop a train!

Interchangeable Press Inserts Available Now:
2.5” ICEBIRG Ice Sphere
2” ICEBIRG Diamond

Interchangeable Press Inserts Coming Soon:
2.5” Soccer ball
2.5” Baseball
2.5” Golf ball
2” Cube
Quad 1” Sphere Mold (for Snifters & Martinis)
Many More!


PRE-ORDER PRICE: $1,299 (Includes Standard Sphere & Diamond Inserts)

The ICEBIRG MOD PRESS (Press & Inserts ONLY)

The ICEBIRG MOD Press is our modular Craft Ice Press that utilizes interchangeable molds to create a variety of craft ice shapes. From big balls to little balls and even diamonds, this monster of a press has unparalleled performance and commercial durability.


Package includes:

- MOD Press Body

- 2.5" Standard Sphere Insert

- 2" Ice Diamond  Insert



Many more mold options coming soon for purchase!

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