How does the ICEBIRG Press form perfect Ice Balls?

Our press utilizes it's modest weight (6lbs for the PRO model), gravity and the natural properties of energy conduction to melt a solid block of ice down to a perfect ice sphere.

How long does The Press take to make an Ice Ball?

Length of time to make an Ice Ball varies greatly depending on the temperature of The Press, the Ice, and the room you are operating in. However, it generally takes about 30 seconds to a minute to make an Ice Ball when the press is at room temperature. Heating the press with hot water can reduce this time to

Do your Ice Ball Presses require electricity to work?

No they do not require any form of power.

However, stay tuned for a new electronic ICEBIRG accessory that will truly change the way the world looks at Ice Ball Presses.

What should I use as a cast to form my Ice blocks?

We highly recommend using our BALLER pure copper Ice Casts for several reasons. First, due to being made of pure copper and having been fitted with a non-threaded lid for ice expansion and purity, they will not add any unwanted flavors into your ice, and actually naturally help purify your ice due to the natural anti-bacterial benefits of copper. Many other possible benefits have also been linked to copper such as weight loss, faster healing and the belief that it actually slows down the aging process, just to name a few. Secondly, being made of copper, which happens to be one of the most efficiently conductive materials on earth, your ice should freeze faster than when you cast using other materials. Finally, the size of our casts was perfectly measured to ensure the perfect Ice Ball every time.  

If you do choose to use another method for making your Ice blocks, we would suggest staying away from any form of plastic. A good inexpensive option is to use 10-12oz sturdy paper cups, however please keep in mind that you may need to run the bottom of the Ice block under water for a few seconds to clear away and stuck paper residue from the bottom of the cup.

I need to make a ton of Ice Balls for a party, what would be the fastest way to complete this task?

Many users have different solutions to this quandary, personally we have found that the fastest way to make Ice Balls is through the following method.

1. Setup in a standard two sided sink.
2. Run cool water in one side of the sink, and setup your press in the other. (No Drip tray)
3. Run the Ice Cast under the cool water to release the ice block.
4. Press your first block.
5. Remove the lid of the ICEBIRG Press and place it Press-mold up into the stream of water.
6. Turn the water all the way to the hottest setting.
7. Remove your Ice Ball and place in sealed container in your freezer.
8. Slide ICEBIRG lid away from the stream of water. (WARNING, Lid will be hot!)
9. Turn water back to medium-cool setting. (Using hot water on Ice Casts can cause cracks!)
10. Repeat process!

My Ice Balls are cloudy, any way to make them clear?

It tends to be pretty difficult to generate consistent perfectly clear Ice blocks at home. There are lots of differing opinions on this topic, but one thing for sure will increase your chance of success, turn down your freezer as much as possible.

Also, see our blog for more information on this topic.

How does ICEBIRG's Lifetime Warranty work?

At ICEBIRG we don't mess around when it comes to quality. If at any point during the life of your Press, your unit stops functioning due to failure in materials or craftsmanship (not abuse or neglect), contact our support team via phone or e-mail and we will issue you a RMA number so you can send your press back in for repair or replacement.